Merci, c’est vintage x mosquito




Mariana:Hi, hi! I love what you do!

Mosquito:Oh, thank you! It means a lot to me!




I admire Mariana immensely. Her universe, her incredible and delicate taste, her infinite references, and her impeccable selection of vintage blazers. Mariana is a true inspiration to me. But none of this would be complete without mentioning her generosity, kindness, and warmth. This is how Mariana and I became the creators of the Baru and Rosario necklace.

This is why, for me, these necklaces symbolize the cooperation among women: non-competition, generosity, and mutual support. And Mariana is all about those; generosity, strength, and attitude. With her infinite curiosity, Mariana began with vintage items casually, turning her hobby into her profession. She spent her free time searching for luxury pieces in Paris, where she has lived for nearly a decade, for her personal collection or to sell to her friends. Not speaking French, and far from Medellín, when people asked her about the pieces she wore, she would simply respond, “merci, c’est vintage,” and from there, her project was born. There couldn’t be a more fitting name.


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Some time ago, Mariana contacted me to invite me to the Pop Up she was organizing in New York with her best friend (huge kiss for Amah <3!). I must say it was as overwhelming as it was incredible. But I didn't waste any time crossing the pond. And there, besides the amazing experience and all the inspiring people I met, was Mariana. A woman full of light, hardworking and generous, who welcomed us with open arms. When we saw our pieces face to face, it was an immediate crush. Almost immediately, we wanted to create something together.
After months of work, we have created a very limited collection of 2 necklaces (10 units each). Like all my pieces, they are named after two beaches. This time, beautiful coasts near Medellín. From the union of our universes and passions, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, we created Barú and Rosario. Two necklaces that combine different pieces, materials such as shell, onyx, and wood, and are finished with a sterling silver clasp with a 3-micron gold plating.

I want this necklace, after many years have passed, to remind me of the excitement I felt living every moment with Mariana, each time I wear it. To remind me why I do what I do and why I fight for what I fight for. And it’s because I do it with passion and heart, just like Mariana.