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Mosquito explores and experiments with objects through collage, surfing and fashion as wearable art elements. Our pieces are a timeless investment for when we are in and out of the water.
Mosquito is Bzz, bzz. It’s being as salty as possible. Salty skin, salty hair. Mosquito is surrounded by surf, flowers and the sea. Yes, Mosquito is always near the sea. Mosquito is collage; reconstructing objects to create new ones. We are all the objects we explore and at the same time an endless path of exploration. Mosquito is the objects that can be used when we surf and also for when we don’t surf. Mosquito is a path of creation that is always respectful of the planet and ecosystems.

Our mission is to connect people to the ocean through the creative power of fashion, collage and surfing. To celebrate ordinary beauty in its pure state. We simplify objects to their essence, using sustainable materials to create products with which to enjoy the wonders of the sea and ocean every day.

Under our philosophy, the brand is committed to sustainability. We believe that quality comes before quantity and we strongly believe in design and its value. We create our products responsibly in small-scale productions. We collaborate with local companies, prioritising quality and ethics. All our products are ethically made in Spain. We truly care about our planet and the conservation of our oceans and their life. Single-use plastics are destroying our oceans and seabed. We minimise our impact on the ecosystem as much as possible. Our packaging is fully recyclable and avoids 100% the use of plastic.