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Mosquito explores and experiments with fine jewelry through collage, fashion, and surf as artistic wearable elements. Our pieces are a timeless investment for our bodies for when we are inside and outside of the water. We offer high-quality, modernist pieces designed for everyday wear, that transcend generations and trends.



Each mosquito piece is a timeless object designed with the intention that can be passed down through generations. All our pieces are made to order, we reduce waste and we avoid the accumulation of unnecessary stock. The brand is committed to sustainability. We believe that quality comes before quantity and we strongly believe in design and its value. We create our products responsibly in small-scale productions. We collaborate with local companies, prioritizing quality and ethics. 



Each mosquito piece spends around 4h in our hands before being in yours. Our production is only outsourced for our sterling silver solid pieces that are made carefully for artisans in the south of Spain. All other pieces are conceived in our atelier with materials sourced between Spain, France, and Italy. 



Each gem that we use is traceable. Behind each gem, there is enormous human effort and a large number of resources to obtain them. The mining and labor practices surrounding the gems are difficult to trace and very opaque cases. It is for this reason that mosquito only works with suppliers that guarantee the origin of the gem and also its extraction is carried out ethically, complying with the UNSDG objectives. With these objectives, we guarantee decent working conditions, respect for the environment. This is how the sustainability of the pieces becomes the most committed way to enjoy jewelry.



Our pieces are shipped in fully recyclable, plastic-free packaging. Our pieces are presented in a paper box (which you can use afterward to keep your jewel safe or as a case) certified with the FSC® certification. This mark guarantees that all materials come from an FSC®forest, where no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. This means better protection of the animal and plant life, and all foresters have proper training, safety equipment, and a decent wage.


Sustainability is not just about production but how objects are consumed. Jewellery is not seasonal in our eyes, we design pieces that trascend generations and trends. For this reason, we don’t have end-of-season sales and pieces don’t disappear at the end of season.  All our pieces are timeless. Our goal is to encourage long term wearability of our pieces to promote a more sustainable consumption of wearable objects. 


The best thing we can do for our planet and ecosistems is cut down on massive consumption and get more use out of pieces that we already own. As a part of the use, the longevity of our pieces can be reduced. We create timeless pieces and we want to make sure that you can keep it as long as possible. For that reason we offer a Repairing service to keep your pieces alive.