The octopus

The philosopher of the seas

The octopus, a prehistoric being. The philosopher of the seas. An extremely beautiful and intelligent being. Scientists have spent half a century wondering why such intelligence. It has been shown that its brain is distributed between its head and its eight legs. Thus having a central brain and eight peripherals.

Our entire first collection comes after watching an award-winning documentary about this ancient and special animal. I could not believe in the particular intelligence that the animal shows. Feelings, emotions, cunning a very human being. I am completely captivated by one of its defense mechanisms against its predators. A brilliant mechanism, a creative resource, and full of ingenuity.

At one point the cephalopod defends itself against sharks by hiding with all the marine objects that it manages to reach with all its tentacles. Thus, it forms a kind of shell on it that has the appearance of marine rock. Combine small shells, algae, and rocks. It makes such a collage. Its method of survival against its predator is extremely beautiful. All the elements that he had taken, formed a new element, and as usual, I saw, as in most of the places I look at, a wonderful collage. This moment filled me with inspiration. This is where the conceptualization and development of our collection begins.
Our products come out of the organic lines that form octopus tentacles. Of the lines that form its legs with the marine currents. From the mix and match. From the collage that is generated by combining different elements. Our entire collection is designed to be completely combinable with each other. The earrings are sold individually so that you can generate your own collage. Some of them crawl up your ear as if a friendly tentacle is approaching you and perching with its grace. A collection inspired by the beauty and intelligence of this being, but above all in nature. A collection close to the sea and its energy. Our collection is an ode to the ocean.

MARGATE   150,00€


TRAFALGAR   90,00€


REUNIÓN   145,00€