Lisa Fluegelfeld



For years, I’ve had the same phone wallpaper. I must admit that I’ve tried to change it, like everyone else, but in my case, it doesn’t work. I can’t do it. There’s something in that painting that’s a part of me. Just like this bouquet of lavender tulips – there’s something very poetic about lavender tulips. – I’ve been following Lisa’s work for years, and I genuinely fell in love with it. So complex, so honest, so delicate, so poetic ¡And yes, so poetic!

A couple of months ago, I saw a follow from @fluegelfeld. – Yes, Lisa Fluegelfeld has discovered my work! – Someone I’ve admired for years has discovered me and even better, has discovered what I do, has discovered my work. Just this filled me with energy, and happiness, and was a real pleasure. I couldn’t resist writing her and showing her my most sincere astonishment and joy.

From there, a conversation began and lasted for a few months. A very natural conversation, as if we had been connected for a long time. And truly, our references, tastes, aesthetics, and art direction connected us. And this is incredible! I appreciate this about Instagram, how you can relate to someone through images without ever having heard her voice or having had a face-to-face conversation.

We were sending each other images of Karl Blossfeldt’s work and what we saw through our window, or even what we had in front of us during our conversations. I liked her work as an artist, and I felt very connected to her way of seeing things. I can imagine her drawing them absent-mindedly.

We couldn’t contain the desire to create something together, so we decided to keep talking. And in the same way we met, through images. The idea was to remain faithful to our connection, most transparently and honestly possible, without contaminating ourselves. A conversation; maybe a question-answer.

I sent Lisa 3 images. Pictures of her favorite products and the ones I thought could represent her the most; the bajamar necklace, the shell hair clip, the pearly hair clip, and the black gardenia. She replied with a series of pieces in which she mixes different techniques, but all of them speak the same language. Her language, my language. Our language.

Building this project has been a beautiful journey. Connecting and meeting someone through our work and emotions. It’s been a magical, purely artistic conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I hope to meet Lisa soon,

Lisa Fluegelfeld x mosquito
Lisa fluegelfeld x mosquito
Lisa fluegelfeld x mosquito
Lisa fluegelfeld x mosquito
Lisa fluegelfeld x mosquito
Lisa fluegelfeld x mosquito
Lisa fluegelfeld x mosquito
Lisa fluegelfeld x mosquito

A bit more about Lisa,

One restaurant – When in Wales – Daphne‘s in Presteigne

One book –I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1964) by Joanne Greenberg, written under the pen name of Hannah Green

One city – The one(s) I haven’t been

One dish –Seafood, rice & greens

One artist – My father

One film – Recent – Ray & Liz by Richard Billingham

One song – Ancora tu by Lucio Battisti

One flower – Rose

One color – Pale Fluorite green

One mosquito jewelThe Bajamar necklace

BAJAMAR   185,00€


SALINAS    170,00€