Alice is a parisian mosquita full of light, generosity, naturality, beauty, and a fashion, and jewelry lover. We’ve known it from the first time we’ve got in contact. After spending some years in Australia, Alice decided to make her way back to the city and start raising her dreams. Now based in Paris, she lives in her apartment in the city center. From there, she runs her pilates courses and fills her days with excitement learning from everything. Together with the talented photographer Antoine Magnien, they’ve created a series of photographs for us. They’ve shoot the favorite jewelry pieces of our mosquito Alice, the Lafitenia necklace, The Benijo necklace, the Zurriola necklace, the pearly choker, the Pearly hair clip, and the Margate earring. The result: images full of delicacy, intimacy, and naturality.

What does pilates mean to you?
A practice where your body and mind are fully connected. A focusing practice that allows your mind and body to feel deeply strong. Pilates, allows me to calm my mind by strengthening and lengthening my deep muscles. It’s definitely a good practice that helps me in my daily life. It assures me that I’m aligned and enough resilient to make all the daily tasks of everyday life.
I love moving and the practice is so creative, when I create the classes I constantly add new movements, surprising my clients with working a muscle as we never worked before. Body and mind are beautiful and putting them in relation, is just beautiful.

With what color, and a song would you define yourself?
I define myself through beige color. Is related to nature and sand. A song would be “The kind of magic” – Queen.

What collage means to you?
Collage is the combination between my creations and inspirations.



Zurriola necklace
Pearly hair clip

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion means personality. The way how someone is dressed defines his own world and identity. Fashion is a way to be creative and feel confident. Fashion is also a world that connects artists, design, people, and even food. It’s a big world that mixes up mindsets and styles.

When did you start practicing pilates?

I’ve been always sportive. Then I’ve moved to Australia, in 2016, and I’ve discovered that the practice of pilates is so strong and popular. It was then when I’ve started to practice Reformer machine and since then I’ve never stopped. I had the chance to meet wonderful teachers that gave me all the confidence to be good at the practice. I started to get more and more mobility and strength in my body. I saw also the result that was getting for my mind, I felt balanced and strong.
"In my daily life, my favorite collage are people in the streets"
Benijo necklace

What is your relationship with flowers?

I always see flowers at my friend’s houses. Nicely made in a vase, but I never take time to pick up some flowers for my home. I love buying stuff for the home that lasts… I love seeing flowers naturally outside and makes me feel happy when I see some random flowers somewhere. They always inspire me with their colors and shapes. I love being surrounded by flowers when I have something to celebrate mostly.

Without which flower could you not live?

Peonies and hortensia and lilies are the flowers I could have at home haha.
Lafitenia necklace

One restaurant – Porch and Parlour in the front of the sea in Bondi Beach
One book – Rupi Kur
One city – Sydney
One dish – Gado Gado from Bali
One flavor – chocolate
One film – Les Petits Mouchoirs
One song – Joao Gilberto Corcovado
One flower – peonies
One color – blue
One mosquito jewelThe Margate earring

Margate Earring   155,00€


The zurriola Necklace   195,00€